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Choosing the Right Golf Shoes

The golf shoes that a golfer wears can make or break his or her game, that’s why it is important to choose the golf footwear that will be able to provide ease, comfort, and traction. Different manufacturers poured everything they got in developing new models of golf footwear for those who want to do well in playing golf. Choose a pair or choose them all, it is really up to the golfer if he or she thinks that a particular pair for that day will be able to give him or her the winning moment.

The Traditional Spiked Shoes or Golf Footwear with Cleats

The traditional spiked shoes that golfers all over the world came to know and love, offer breathability, comfort, and traction. There are models that are both waterproof and trendy. Finding the right spiked shoes is really a matter of personal taste. The golfer decides for the things that he or she expects from his or her shoes. He or she needs to decide on the color of shoes, whether to get all-weather pairs, and think of other things that might affect his or her play. Whatever shoes the golfer prefers, he or she will surely find his or her ideal golf shoes on the market today.

Simply put, spiked shoes provide stability. The golfer can deliver his or her perfect swing without losing his or her footing.


The Spikeless Shoes

Golf ShoesThe spikeless golf footwear usually has stubs or nubs to create a sturdy foothold for the golfer. The shoes may not have spikes, but they have stubs that allow the golfer to gain the benefit of having spiked shoes minus the weight.

The spikeless ones are more comfortable and lightweight. They don’t have hard foot cushions that usually come with the spiked shoes (although there are some improvements in the new models of spiked shoes). The dimpled soles give golfers invaluable advantage on firm surfaces in the driving range.

A golfer, who is always on the go and usually doesn’t have time to change his or her shoes after the game and has to attend quickly to his or her after-game business, appreciates the fact that he or she can go wearing spikeless golf shoes without looking awkward. In fact, they look more fashionable because the golf footwear exudes a different kind of elegance.

Although the spikeless shoes might provide less stability, they can still give lots of benefits to a golfer who has a lot on his or her hands.

Sandals for Golf

There are golfers who prefer wearing sandals while playing their game. The sandals are especially beneficial during summer when toeless shoes can provide extra comfort to the wearer. However, the sandals might be uncomfortable for long walks.

The golf sandals also have studs to provide a steady foothold, but they offer limited resistance during wet weather. The golf sandals are best if the golfer needs to play during a hot sunny day.

Boot It

There are also golf boots that provide extra protection for the golfer’s feet during rainy season when the grounds tend to get wet most of the time, if not all the time. The golf boots can be heavier than the usual golf footwear and do not give much freedom around the ankles which could pose a problem when a golfer swings his or her club. However, the boots offer warmth and amazing traction when playing golf during the winter months.

There are also golf boots that have increased water protection, but expect them to be more expensive and heavier.A golfer only needs to follow what his or her foot dictates when it comes to choosing the most suitable golf shoes.